5 benefits of regular physical activity -what is physical fitness?

What is physical fitness?

Physical fitness is a condition that helps us feel, look and perform our best. It refers to the efficient functioning of the body system, allowing us to stay healthy and perform our daily tasks perfectly. Efficient, here means performing everyday activities with the least possible effort.

Physical fitness includes optimal performance of the lungs, heart and muscles. What we do physically directly affects our mind. In other words, fitness affects our mental alertness and emotional stability to some extent. To stay physically fit, we need to take measures such as engaging in physical activities, improving our diet and getting our daily dose of exercise.

Types of physical fitness

Generally, physical fitness has 11 parts. Six of them are health related, while five are skill based. Any type of physical fitness is vital for optimal performance in any activity, say sports. Health physical fitness includes flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, power, body composition and muscular endurance.

These aspects prepare the body for daily energy work. Physical fitness coupled with skills helps a person perform well in sports and physical activities involving motor skills. Here’s the best way to stay fit.

Components of physical fitness

Various schools, health clubs, and fitness centers consider the following health-related components of physical fitness:

1. Cardiovascular endurance

Cardiovascular endurance refers to the efficient coordination of the lungs and heart to supply the body with fuel and oxygen during times of sustained exertion. Effective cardiovascular exercise improves the elasticity of blood vessels, the force of heart contractions, and the blood’s efficiency in carrying oxygen. Coaches use the Step Test and the Cooper Run to assess the cardiovascular endurance of exercisers.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility, although often overlooked, is the most important parameter of physical fitness. Lack of flexibility causes joint and muscle growth to stiffen, limiting movement. Flexibility training allows the body to move through its full range of motion without experiencing stiffness or pain.Perfect movement reduces the risk of injury and improves sports performance with a direct impact on physical fitness.

3. Muscle strength

The maximum amount of force a muscle can exert is muscular strength. It is the strength that helps you lift or carry heavy objects in a single movement. Resistance training, such as bodyweight exercises, weight lifting, and resistance band exercises, help improve muscle strength.

Climbing hills, cycling and running are also better ways to increase muscle strength. One-rep-max is a common way to test your muscle strength. Improved muscle strength promotes fitness by forcing the body to use more calories to burn fat.

4. Body composition

Body composition and physical fitness. A man’s most important achievement. It is the proportion of fat-free mass in the body. The body’s lean mass is called bone, and the body’s muscles and organs together make up total body mass. It is also known as BMI or Body Mass Index, a ratio scale for analyzing physical fitness. High quality fatty foods cause complications for the heart and risk such as heart disease.

5. Muscular endurance

Simply put, muscular endurance refers to the ability of muscles to perform activities properly without experiencing fatigue. This physical fitness includes multiple repetitions of any exercise, whether it’s resistance training, strength training, or increasing cardiovascular endurance. The better your muscular endurance, the less tired you will feel.

Skill components of physical fitness

Skill-related fitness components are fitness modules specific to a given task, such as a sport. These components help athletes improve in various areas such as balance in gymnastics, speed in football, etc.

1. Agility

Agility refers to the ability to actively and rapidly change direction while maintaining proper body posture. If you struggle to move from side to side and maintain balance, agility training will help improve your performance.

It helps a person to acquire the skill of quick turning, limb movement and rotation. Agility training improves balance, mind-body coordination, flexibility as well as recovery time.

2. Reaction time

Reaction time is the time required to react to external stimuli. Specifically the shorter the reaction time, the better your skill. And if you run at full speed or run on a treadmill, your reaction time will improve more. It’s a special way.

3. Strength

It is the physical and skill component of physical fitness. Strength is the maximum force that a muscle group can develop in the shortest possible time. Strength is the ability of muscles to produce optimal force in a short period of time, such as swimming or running. Strength directly contributes to cardiovascular endurance.

4. Speed

Speed ​​is one of the related physical fitness skills that is directly related to agility. This is a rapid movement of the upper and lower limbs on the ground, such as throwing, catching or pulling objects. Speed ​​training exercises are vital for athletes and people who handle heavy objects.

5. Accuracy

Accuracy is the ability of the body to direct the muscles and strength of the body in a certain direction. Both accuracy and agility help improve throws and jumps such as javelin, long jump, and high jump. Regular exercise, concentration and meditation help improve your body.

What is not a physical component of physical fitness?

Physical fitness is primarily about a person’s ability to perform activities effectively without feeling tired or stressed. Logic is not a physical part of physical fitness because it has nothing to do with physical, mental and social health. Working on the health and skill components of physical fitness subsequently helps them focus on their goal.

Summary of components of physical fitness

Keeping these components of fitness in mind helps a person achieve their fitness goals.In order to improve physical and mental health, a particular person must have an assistant to implement these skills in their daily exercise or fitness routine. In addition, it helps to effectively learn various skills without feeling tired.

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